Cybersecurity Training

TryHackMe is an online platform that teaches Cybersecurity through hands-on virtual labs. Whether you are an expert or beginner, learn through a virtual room structure to understand theoretical and practical security elements.

Teach Security using TryHackMeLearn Cybersecurity

Hack Instantly

Learn, practice and complete! Get hands on and practise your skills in a real-world environment by completing guided and interactive tasks.


Rooms are virtual areas dedicated to particular cyber security topics. Join rooms and complete tasks to start learning, or create your own!

Virtual Labs

Deploy your own private machines and complete objective-based tasks. Use browser-based machines to learn at anytime, anywhere.


Learn and test your skills with gamified, real-world Cybersecurity challenges.


Develop your Cybersecurity skills by working through hands-on guided tasks and supporting videos.

Learning Paths

Build fundamental, low-level knowledge around a security topic using our learning paths


Popular Rooms

Rooms are virtual classrooms dedicated to particular cyber security topics.


What else can we do?

Capture The Flag

We can create and host ability-specific challenges around security areas of your choice. For example, HackBack was our nationwide UK University challenge.


Need security training? We deliver hands on workshops in security areas of your choice. We use trainers experienced in the field of interest.


Need potential-future or present employees ability assessed? We provide assessments you can use that identifies individuals capabilities.

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