Cyber Security training made easy

TryHackMe takes the pain out of learning and teaching Cybersecurity. Our platform makes it a comfortable experience to learn by designing prebuilt courses which include virtual machines (VM) hosted in the cloud ready to be deployed. This avoids the hassle of downloading and configuring VM's. Our platform is perfect for CTFs, Workshops, Assessments or Training.

Hack Instantly

Learn, practice and complete! Get hands on and practise your skills in a real-world environment by completing fun and difficult tasks. You can deploy VMs, which will give an IP address instantly and away you go.


Rooms are virtual areas dedicated to particular cyber security topics. For example, a room called "Hacking the Web" could be dedicated to web application vulnerabilities.


Each room has tasks that contain questions and hints, a custom leaderboard and chat area. Whilst you're hacking away, you can discuss hacking techniques or request help from others.

Popular Rooms

(Rooms are virtual classrooms dedicated to particular cyber security topics)


Easy Set Up

Upload your own virtual machines and deploy them straight to the cloud with the click of a button. You can create your own rooms with your material to share with others!


We provide a centrally managed learning environment. Creators and students can design virtual rooms which contains all of the their tasks and teaching materials.


Setting up material from scratch can be difficult and time-intensive, but creators can clone rooms from the room marketplace with pre-assigned material and tasks.

Students steps

  1. Search and Join Rooms - Rooms are a place with all the relevant learning material and tutorials/questions.
  2. Start Tasks - Start the tasks or tutorials that have been set in that room.
  3. Check Progress - As you go, you can check your progress against other users in the room.
  4. Skill Up - As you progress in the room, your skills will only get better.

Creators steps

  1. Upload Your Material - Creators can upload anything from binary files, to Virtual Machine files (ova, qcow2, vmdk - which can be deployed as live machines on the cloud).
  2. Create a room - Creating a room allows creators to assign their tutorials/tasks and materials to students.
  3. Monitor Progress - Rooms make it very easy to monitor students and check their progress.

User Logging

There is optional user logging to view how a user in your room has hacked a machine set by you.

Safe Environment

There is no risk of breaking any laws! Everything is carried out on our private network.

Add your own

Deploy your own material and create multiple instances of it for yourself or your users.

Many Courses

From beginners to experts, come and enhance your skills with our interactive courses.

What else can we do?


Capture The Flag

We can create and host ability-specific challenges around security areas of your choice. For example, HackBack was our nationwide UK University challenge.



Need security training? We deliver hands on workshops in security areas of your choice. We use trainers experienced in the field of interest.



Need potential-future or present employees ability assessed? We provide assessments you can use that identifies individuals capabilities.

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