[Advent of Cyber] Get Started With Cyber Security In 25 Days

Learn the basics of Cyber Security by doing a new, beginner friendly security challenge every day leading up to Christmas

What is Advent of Cyber?

Advent of Cyber is TryHackMe's Christmas Security Challenge.

We know that Security can be a daunting field. It can be very difficult for beginners to take the jump and get started with learning just a small part of security!

We will release a challenge every day, breaking down common security topics into byte-sized challenges leading up to Christmas.

Each challenge will be self contained (with no previous knowledge required from previous challenges) and will contain the basic information required to start working on a challenge - We won't be throwing you in the deep end! The challenge will contain supporing material about that particular topic to ensure that you're actually learning.

Prizes, Swag and Sponsor

Vouchers Swag:

Swag and vouchers will be given to users who demonstrate great resilience and hunger for knowledge. Swag will include stickers, t-shirts and hats.

We will choose a random winner everyday, to enter simply complete the challenge released on that day.


At the end of the competition, we'll enter every participant who completed a challenge into a raffle to win the prizes. For every challenge a participant completes, the higher their odds of winning the raffle are. You can win one of the following:

Event Details

  • Starting Date: Sun 1st, December
  • Challenge Release: 8pm GMT
  • Ending Date: Thu 26th, December

Security Topics

The challenges will have you learning the following topics

  1. Web Exploitation
  2. Forensics
  3. OSINT
  4. Scripting
  5. Networking
  6. Reverse Engineering


Breaking any of the following rules will result in elimination from the competition

  • *.tryhackme.com and the OpenVPN server is off limits to probing, scanning or exploiting.
  • Users are only authorized to hack machines that have been deployed in the rooms they have access to.
  • Users are not to target or attack other users
  • Answers to questions are not to be shared.

How to enter

  1. Register an account on TryHackMe.

  2. Click here to join the room!

Our Sponsor:

CompTIA is the global, non-profit IT trade association and creator of vendor neutral IT certifications. CompTIA certifications are developed with the support of leading technology companies and organisations and validated by industry experts around the world. CompTIA's Cyber Security certification pathway defines entry to expert level roles. This includes Network+, Security+, Cyber Security Analyst (CySA+), Penetration Tester (PenTest+), and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+).