Advent of Cyber

Get Started With Cyber Security in 25 Days

Learn the basics of cyber security by doing a new,
beginner friendly security exercise every day leading up to Christmas

Over $19,000 worth of prizes! The more questions you answer, the more chance you have of winning!

The event is completely free. Absolutely no costs involved, so make sure to tell your friends!

Complete all 25 daily security tasks and earn a custom certificate of completion!

John Hammond, Neal Bridges, InsiderPhD, Cyber Sec Meg, NahamSec, Tib3rius and HuskyHacks.

What you will learn

Each day in December, a new (beginner friendly) task will be released, which follows a fun Christmas story! Every task has both written learning content, and a supporting video.

Topics covered:

Web Exploitation Network Exploitation OSINT Cloud Hacking Defensive Blue Teaming


We will choose a random winner everyday, to enter simply complete the task released on that day.

At the end of the competition, we'll enter every participant who completed a question into a raffle to win the prizes. Every question a user completes, gives a higher chance of winning. You can win one of the following:

Total Prize Pool Value: $19,121


Complete every task in the event and earn a certificate of completion! Make sure your name is set in your profile settings.

The Advent of Cyber tasks will remain open until November 2022, so you have plenty of time to earn your certificate should you not complete all the tasks right away.

Advent of Cyber for Business

With TryHackMe's management dashboard for business, teams in your company can tackle the daily challenges together, where you can monitor their progress and give them a premium learning experience.

Advent of Cyber is a perfect event for introducing and upskilling many different teams within your company in cyber, through this fun 25 day event!

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Event Details

  • Starting Date: Wed 1st, December 2021
  • Task Release Time: Between 12pm and 8pm GMT

What is Advent of Cyber?

Advent of Cyber is an event that gets people started in cyber security, by releasing beginner friendly security exercises every day leading up to Christmas.

We know that security can be a daunting field, and can be difficult for beginners to get started. Advent of Cyber helps you kick start your security journey.

For 25 days we release tasks breaking down common security topics into byte-sized walkthroughs and challenges.

Each task is self contained and includes the basic information required to start working on a security challenge - We won't be throwing you in the deep end, every challenge will contain supporting material and a video tutorial!

Our Sponsors

In the spirit of Christmas, we've brought together some of the biggest names in cyber security and are ecstatic that they're supporting the event!

CompTIA is the global, non-profit IT trade association and creator of vendor neutral IT certifications. CompTIA certifications are developed with the support of leading technology companies and organisations and validated by industry experts around the world.

Offensive Security offers industry-defining information security training. In addition to courses and certifications, students can get hands-on pentesting practice in our Proving Grounds labs. Level up your skills and learn the Try Harder mindset with the team behind Kali Linux and the OSCP certification.

PortSwigger are the creators of Burp Suite, the world's leading web application security testing toolkit. Their center of excellence is the PortSwigger Research team, where they discover and exploit vulnerabilities, then feed their findings back into Burp Suite products.

BC Security provide cybersecurity assessments across a broad range of disciplines, and bring not only technical expertise but a strong understanding of compliance regulations and risk mitigation that are essential to conducting business in today’s world.

Not only are we making this event free, we're personally adding gifts to the prize pool. Our mission is to make learning cyber security easier and more accessable; learn more about our mission and values here.

How to enter

  1. Register an account on TryHackMe.
  2. Click here to join the room!
  3. Wait for the first task to be released (Dec 1st)

The Story

All exercises in Advent of Cyber follow a fun Christmas story. This year, the elf McSkidy needs your help to hack back and undo the grinch's malicious activities.