TryHackMe Classrooms

Make cyber security training fun and focus on teaching by assigning students virtual labs which align with your course. Manage assignments in your dashboard and monitor user progress.

Access Anywhere

Give students a browser-based Kali Linux machine with all security tools they need to get started.

Student Management

Put students into groups and assign them tasks to complete.


View student activity and track their progress on your assignments.

Reusable Content

Save time creating exercises and choose from our content to use in your classes.

Content Variety

Choose from over 200 existing cyber security rooms. Our content caters to all experience levels and teaches skills that can be applied in the industry. Your students can deploy their own vulnerable virtual machines in the cloud, ready to be compromised.

No Environment Needed

Have your students deploy their own browser-based Kali Linux machine. Remove the need for complicated set up's and give your students everything they need - say goodbye to configuring OpenVPN connections.

Create your own

Upload your own virtual machines and resources that you can use to create your own courses with supporting tasks and questions. Then privately distribute your material to your students.

Save time and money by letting us host, maintain and deploy your machines!



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