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Student Management

Put students into groups and assign them security labs and challenges to complete.


View student activity and track their progress on your assignments.

Reusable Lab Content

Save time creating exercises and choose from over 700 security labs to use in your classes.

Content Variety

Choose from over 700 existing cyber security rooms. Our content caters to all experience levels and teaches skills that can be applied in the industry. Your students can start their own vulnerable virtual machines in the cloud, ready to be compromised.

We have both offensive and defensive modules for all experience levels that you can use, check them out:

All through the browser

Have your students start their own browser-based Kali Linux machine. Remove the need for complicated set up's and give your students everything they need - say goodbye to configuring OpenVPN connections.

Lab Suggestions

We will personally recommend which of our labs align to your course syllabus, so you don't have to spend time finding the right content!

For example:

Week Learning Objective TryHackMe Lab Suggestions
Learn how to use Linux, an operating system used by many servers and security tools.
Linux Fundamentals
  • Linux Fundamentals Lab - Get introduced to the Linux basics by learning how to use fundamentally important commands. Put this into practice by starting & accessing your own remote Linux machine
  • Linux Challenge - Test your students Linux skills by having them find flags using various Linux commands and concepts, with a fun Linux lab challenge
Understand the core security issues with web applications, and learn how to exploit them using industry tools and techniques.
Web Exploitation
  • Web Fundamentals - Learn how the web works
  • Burp Suite - Learn the basics and major components of Burp Suite, the de facto tool to use when performing web app testing
  • OWASP Top 10 - Learn about and exploit each of the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities; the 10 most critical web security risks
  • Web Hacking Fundamentals Module - Four rooms in this module
Understand, enumerate and attack various networking services in real-world environments.
Network Fundamentals, Attacks and Exploits
  • Introductory Networking - Introduction to networking theory & basic networking tools
  • Nmap - An in depth look at scanning with Nmap, a powerful network scanning tool
  • Network Services - Learn about, then enumerate and exploit a variety of network services and misconfigurations
Strengthen your skills by exploiting a range of different applications and services, from networking to web to privilege escalation.
Basic Computer Exploitation
  • Metasploit - Learn to use Metasploit, a tool to probe and exploit vulnerabilities on networks and servers
  • Vulnversity - Learn about active recon, web app attacks and privilege escalation
  • Basic Pentesting - This is a machine that allows you to practise web app hacking and privilege escalation
  • Steel Mountain - Hack into a Windows machine by using metasploit to gain initial access, utilise powershell for Windows privilege escalation enumeration & learn a new technique to get Administrator access
Learn how to analyse and defend against real-world cyber threats/attacks.
Defensive Blue Teaming

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Upload your labs

Upload your own virtual machines and resources that you can use to create your own courses with supporting tasks and questions. Then privately distribute your material to your students.

Save time and money by letting us host, maintain and start your machines whenever you want!

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