How it works

There are "rooms" which are virtual areas dedicated to particular cyber security topics. Some can include:

Anyone can create a room, assign tasks to it and let users play. There is also the option to pick rooms from the hacktivities which are rooms developed by other people that you can join. In some cases, you can clone the room, change the tasks to suit yourself and then re-release it as your own.

Room Materials

You can create tasks for your rooms and add your own materials. This can be in the form of any file you want your "room" users to download or a virtual machine (VM) hosted in the cloud. To get your own VMs on our site you upload an OVA, VMDK or QCOW2 file and we will automatically convert it ready to be deployed in the cloud for users to access.

If you have uploaded files for users to download, they can simply download it in the room. If you have uploaded a VM, to access it once its deployed you will need to be connected to our network. Please refer to the Using OpenVPN section for this.

Using OpenVPN

To access deployed VMs you will need to be connected to our network via a VPN. Its really easy to get connected.

  1. Go to your access page and download your OpenVPN configuration file
  2. Using OpenVPN, use that configuration file to connect. Start OpenVPN as an administrator or as sudo for it to work!

When connected to our network, the only traffic routed through us is when you are accessing one of our machines directly. All other traffic will be routed through you.

OpenVPN Connection Setup(Linux)
OpenVPN Connection Setup(Windows)