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Attacking Windows Active Directory

Throwback is an Active Directory (AD) lab that teaches the fundamentals and core concepts of attacking a Windows network. The network simulates a realistic corporate environment that has several attack vectors you would expect to find in today’s organisations.

The lab uses a structured, hand-held approach to guide users through exploiting the network. The use of Windows to manage authentication and user identities in IT infrastructure today is so commonly used; as an aspiring security practitioner, it’s crucial to understand how this works and the network’s common weaknesses.

Users will explore the following attacks:

  • Phishing & OSINT
  • Offensive Powershell
  • Active Directory Basics
  • Kerberos Abuse
  • Custom Malicious Macros
  • Active Directory Enumeration & Exploitation
  • Attacking Mail Servers
  • Firewall Pivoting
  • C2 Frameworks
  • Abusing Cross-Domain Trusts

In this scenario, you’ll be assessing Throwback Hacks Security: they are the industry leader in cybersecurity, but they don’t have the best security on their own infrastructure. You’ve been assigned by them to perform an assessment on their network. You will need to find initial access vectors then laterally move throughout the network to gain domain admin.

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