CyberScotland x TryHackMe - First CTF Used by 1400 Students

TryHackMe has teamed up with CyberScotland to run the first ever CTF event - taken part by over 1400 students! Training topics cover web exploitation, network exploitation, and digital forensics.

Emma Sivess
Emma Sivess
Mar 2, 2022 3 min read

CyberScotland aims to build Scotland-wide cyber resilience, improve threat knowledge, support the cyber security community and inspire students to pursue careers in the industry. The partnership has launched a week-long event from the 28th of February to shine a light on the importance of cyber security - Cyber Scotland week. This event has been adopted by schools and partners across the country, educating Scotland’s youth in security and threat mitigation to build a cyber-aware generation transitioning into the world of work.

The CyberScotland Partnership is a collaboration of key strategic stakeholders, brought together to focus efforts on improving cyber resilience across Scotland in a coordinated and coherent way.

TryHackMe x CyberScotland

Here at TryHackMe, we believe everyone should have accessible resources to learn cyber security and explore opportunities in the industry. We endeavour to support as many initiatives and events as possible, and have been honoured to be involved in this year’s CyberScotland event - running a CTF across 1400 Scottish students.

The TryHackMe team has managed the CTF event from the planning stages to content development, account creation, and kick-off. To prepare students for the event, TryHackMe ran training sessions across web exploitation, network exploitation, and digital forensics - with training suitable for complete beginners entering the field. All students had access to premium TryHackMe accounts, meaning they could further develop skills through hands-on, real-world labs without barriers.

CyberScotland’s CTF

A CTF - or capture the flag event - is a cyber security competition where participants hack machines and solve cyber security challenges to earn points. The student - and school - with the highest number of points wins.

The event is suitable for cyber security beginners and early intermediate skill levels. Tasks cover the key training areas of web exploitation, network exploitation, and digital forensics, and students can win vouchers and merchandise across the week.

Along with introducing cyber topics and piquing interest across a vast pool of students, TryHackMe allows schools with stringent network environments access to hands-on learning. Being completely browser-based, TryHackMe overcomes the recurrent problem of school computer and network systems being so locked, making it easy for students to solve hands-on problems with the right security tools, all in the browser.

Why governments are investing in cyber

Governments are increasingly aware of the risk of cyber attacks - risks to businesses, individuals, and governmental bodies themselves. There is vast skills workforce gap amounting to millions of unfilled jobs. Filling these essential positions can often be difficult with the lack of skilled professionals available.

Younger generations are often faced with work uncertainty, so investing in training can help narrow the skills workforce gap, decrease unemployment rates, and protect businesses and individuals from the regular risk of breach.

TryHackMe helps make this aspiration a reality, with training suitable to complete beginners through to seasoned hackers. We make the process of training and event drives easy, providing the technical expertise and hands-on commitment needed to allow for smooth running. Teachers are provided with training to manage the platform, and students can learn cyber security in an engaging, gamified, real-world environment.

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