TryHackMe Awarded the UK’s Most Innovative Cyber SME at Infosecurity Europe 2022

TryHackMe has been crowned the UK's Most Innovative Cyber SME by DCMS and Infosecurity Europe. Read how we pride ourselves on accessibility, innovation, and all about the award!

Emma Sivess
Emma Sivess
Jun 27, 2022 4 min read

TryHackMe has been crowned the UK’s Most Innovative Cyber SME in June 2022.

DCMS - Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, Infosecurity Europe, and technology trade association techUK launched the competition to highlight the most innovative companies in the field. Following a business interview, showcase at Infosecurity Europe and two speaking slots from co-founders Ben Spring and Ashu Savani, TryHackMe was awarded the title live on the 22nd of June.

What is the award all about?

For six consecutive years, DCMS has selected a group of finalists to showcase their business at Infosecurity Europe - Europe’s largest gathering of the information security community. The event includes businesses, teams, and individuals looking to share innovation, learn from each other, test and benchmark solutions, and build relationships and business connections.

A panel of cyber security experts judged the finalists in order to choose the winner. TryHackMe was cited as the most innovative for reasons including accessibility - allowing cyber security professions to be achievable without boundaries, contributing vital skills to the market. Nicole Mills, exhibition director at Infosecurity Europe said, “TryHackMe embodies the ethos of democratising security training, giving people from all backgrounds an accessible and flexible way of building skills that are of immense value to the industry.”

“DCMS is really pleased to be a part of what’s going on here today. Innovation is the lifeblood of the cyber sector, and it’s really key to us that innovation happens in cybersecurity, so it’s absolutely fantastic to see a small business like TryHackMe change and grow. We’re really happy to see them win here today.” - Erika Lewis, Director, Cyber Security and Digital Identity, DCMS

Our commitment to innovation and accessibility

Before TryHackMe, learning cyber security previously entailed a black-box approach, where users were left to their own devices. This left the industry tricky to break into, and difficult for those already in-market to upskill continuously. There was no accessible, hand-holding way to learn cyber security. TryHackMe was born in response to this issue, and has seen incredible organic growth since, as a result of filling such a prominent problem.

Our training labs cover offensive and defensive security, ranging in difficulty to cater to all. All content is suited to jobs across cyber verticals - a factor behind our business clientele and individuals looking to enter the market. We make cyber security easy to break into, being cited as the best platform to explain concepts, tools, and theories in an engaging, bite-sized format with no prior knowledge needed. Operating entirely through the browser, our training labs as accessible to anyone, anywhere - we’re the most affordable platform on the market and offer over 350 labs for free.

We hone in on gamification and engagement. Our training labs incorporate storylines and interactive elements. A key benefit to this is learning retention, which is proven to amplify with interactivity, gamification, and enjoyability. Learning does not need to be linear. Learning should be fun, and we are advocates of progression through enjoyment! Along with training, our unique hacking and defending game King of the Hill allows users to compete with each other by patching and attacking machines. It enforces collaboration in cyber and gets teams to put offensive and defensive cyber skills into practice - it’s pretty awesome!

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“We’ve had an incredible journey since setting out to make cybersecurity training fun, gamified, and accessible. We’ve helped over a million users across groups such as 11 year olds learning at school, construction workers looking for career changes, and technical professionals aiming to break into or upskill in the industry – seeing amazing progress and heartwarming successes. It makes everything we set out to do hugely rewarding. We’re grateful to DCMS and Infosecurity for recognising the work we’re doing, and are elated to have won this competition! Winning will enable us to continue making security accessible for everyone, everywhere, contributing to pillar one of the UK Cyber Security Strategy. We want to ensure that no matter where people are based or what their background entails, they can come to TryHackMe, launch their learning journey, and smash their goals. We’re feeling delighted, humbled, and proud of our team and community – we can’t wait to see what’s to come!” - Ashu Savani, Co-founder


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