The Month of Red Teaming - Win Over $21,000 Worth of Prizes!

Calling all red teamers, penetration testers, hackers, and lovers of offensive security! It's your time to shine with our new advanced Red Team training. Launch TryHackMe training and earn prizes!

Emma Sivess
Emma Sivess
Sep 7, 2022 3 min read

Calling all red teamers, penetration testers, hackers, and lovers of offensive security!

It’s your time to shine. (And get rewarded for it - woohoo!)

TryHackMe has launched a brand new Red Team Pathway - packed to the brim with juicy training content covering advanced topics including accessing and compromising systems. This is going to be a good one!

What does the TryHackMe Red Team Pathway cover?

Our team of (utter heroes) experts have created the training labs in this pathway to develop key skill groups, including using diverse techniques for initial access, enumerating and persisting on targets, evading security solutions, and exploiting activity.

Modules within the pathway include:

  • Red Team Fundamentals - learn the core components of a red team engagement, from threat intelligence to OPSEC and C2s.
  • Initial Access - explore the different techniques to gain initial access to a target system and network from a red teamer's perspective.
  • Post-compromise - learn about the steps taken by an attacker directly after gaining an initial foothold on a network.
  • Host Evasion - understand the technique and the core concepts behind the host-based security solutions, getting hands-on experience to bypass the most common security products in Windows operating systems.
  • Network Security Evasion - Learn how to bypass and evade different security solutions used in the industry, such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, and antivirus.
  • Compromising Active Directory - Learn and exploit Active Directory networks through core security issues stemming from misconfigurations.
  • And more!

How this training can benefit you:

This pathway is designed to go above and beyond the fundamentals, a more technical set of modules walking you through how to simulate a potential adversary attack in complex environments - going beyond penetration testing.

With this, helpful previous training will be the TryHackMe Junior Penetration Tester pathway and the Offensive Pentesting pathway. Our new Red Teaming module will teach how to conduct successful Red Team engagements and challenge the defence capability of your clients. After successfully completing this pathway, you will have the skills needed to pursue new career opportunities in offensive security.

What is the ticket promotion?

We’re giving away over £18,000 ($21,000 USD) worth of prizes!

You can win prizes by earning tickets on TryHackMe. Simply complete Red Team Pathway rooms and automatically earn tickets.

Read out about our learn & win Ticket Promotion!

TryHackMe ticket prizes

What could you win?

  • “Red Teamer” TryHackMe title
  • 1-day streak freeze
  • £5 swag voucher
  • TryHackMe t-shirt
  • TryHackMe baseball cap
  • 7-day streak freeze
  • 1-month premium voucher
  • £20 swag voucher
  • HAK5 rubber ducky
  • 3-month premium voucher
  • HAK5 wifi pineapple
  • OSEP voucher

Logistics and earning tickets:

The ticket promotion runs from the 7th of September 2022 through to the 21st of September 2022.  

Most of the prizes you win will be shown and redeemed in your TryHackMe profile - 3 of the same ticket and you win that prize. The TryHackMe team will arrange some higher ticket prizes, email us through the information on your profile, and we will arrange this for you by the 16th of October.

Free users can win one ticket per room, whereas subscribed users can win two tickets per room. On top of this, there are ways to get extra tickets. Earn more chances to win by sharing TryHackMe with friends, following us on socials, making content about TryHackMe, or introducing us to your workplace. Find out more on our ticket page!


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