Teach Cybersecurity

An online platform that provides virtual labs and supporting teaching content for Cybersecurity training. Focus on teaching instead of the tedious setup and content creation process.



Use scenario based, challenge-led teaching content.


Students can access all content anywhere, on any device.

Class Ready

Choose & repurpose courses that align with your objectives.


Track student progress and identify talent.

100+ Courses

Choose from over 100 pre-existing Cybersecurity courses and challenges, that you can clone and adjust to suit your own needs.

Our content is developed for all experience levels, using realistic scenarios, as we want students to learn skills that can be applied in the industry. Have your students deploy their own virtual machines in the cloud, instantly ready to be compromised.

No Environment Needed

Have your students deploy their own Kali Linux machine with all the necessary security tools and control it directly from their browser.

Remove the need for complicated set up's and give your students everything they need - say goodbye to configuring OpenVPN connections.

Teaching Dashboard

Track your students progress and understand how they're performing by reviewing their activity analytics. Allocate your students courses for independent learning, create competitions or assessments to further evaluate their performance. Perfect for workshops, CTF's or training!

Create your own course

Upload your own virtual machines and resources that you can use to create your own courses with supporting tasks and questions. Then easily distribute it to your students.

Save time and money by letting us host, maintain and deploy your machines!

Dr Nick Savage

Head of the School of Computing at Portsmouth University

Teaching students Ethical Hacking requires a considerable amount of time to develop and set-up laboratory experiments. TryHackMe has significantly reduced our development time and provided students with a platform that they can use at any time and from any system. It has been integral in our Ethical Hacking unit. Having access to a wide range of pre-existing teaching content that can be easily modified has allowed our staff to focus on teaching students rather than creating realist machines and scenarios. The platform allows students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, and we can see their high level of engagement through the teaching dashboard


6 Months


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For an extra £2 per student per month, give every student independent access to all subscriber-only courses.

For further bulk discounts, please contact us [email protected]

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