TryHackMe for Teaching (Deployable courses and branded security labs)

TryHackMe is an online platform that provides virtual labs and supporting teaching content for Cybersecurity training.

Teachers can focus on teaching instead of the tedious setup and content creation process.

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Teaching with Courses

Choose from over one hundred pre-existing Cybersecurity courses, ranging from tutorials to challenging vulnerable virtual machines (VMs). You can also clone and adjust them to suit your own needs.

Our content is developed using realistic scenarios, as we want students to learn skills that can be applied in the industry. Have your students deploy their own virtual machines in the cloud, instantly ready to be compromised.

Alternatively, upload your own content and resources (such as VMs or generic files) to have them available for easy distribution to students!

Creating your own course

  1. Create your own course and attach your own virtual machines that can be deployed in the cloud.
  2. Assign walkthroughs and supporting questions.
  3. Easily distribute your course to your students.

Once you have created your course, you can clone and distribute it to many student groups to easily track different classes progress.

Cloning our courses

  1. Choose from over 100 pre-existing courses and clone one that suits your situation.
  2. Update the courses tasks and questions. Keeping all the course resources (VM's and other material).
  3. Easily distribute this course to your students.

We have many available courses you can use to teach students, using both a guided approach & challenging them with questions.


We have so many features, but here are our most impactful!

Control in Browser

Control deployed machines directly in the browser. No RDP/SSH/VNC client needed!

100+ Courses

With over 100 on-demand courses at your disposal, choose the one right for your situation.

Deploy Instantly

Don't spend hours having your students configure machines, deploy VMs instantly.

Personal VM

When a student deploys a machine, they get their own - the days of sharing are over.

Progress Tracking

Courses can include a public or private progress chart and scoreboard.

Event Ready

Easily make and manage your own events. Perfect for workshops, CTF's or training.

No Environment Needed

Students can deploy their own Kali Linux machine, which they can control in their browser!

Performance Evaluation

Create practical, hands-on tests to assess the performance of students.


6 Months


Access for 3 students, for 6 months, will cost a total of Loading...

For an extra £2 per student per month, give every student independent access to all subscriber-only courses.

For further bulk discounts, please contact us

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Your own TryHackMe

Get your own dedicated cyber security labs.

We offer a white-labelling service were you can have your own version of TryHackMe, under your own brand. We manage everything for you including: Domain, Hosting, Infrastructure and Maintenance.

You can take up to 10 courses from TryHackMe to your own separate dedicated Cybersecurity labs. On your lab, you can create as many courses as you want.

Labs include a dashboard for you and your employees to get an overview on your users and detailed course analytics. Your lab will have all the features you currently see on the platform. For a general overview on the features we offer, please look at the Teaching with Courses section above.


There is an initial charge of £3,000, which is for us to setup and configure TryHackMe on a new domain, re-design and restyle the platform to align with your brand.

There is then a monthly recurring charge of £2,500, which covers all fee's (domain, hosting, infrastructure etc..) and allows you to add up to 250 users to the site.

Contact us for more information!

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